Product features

Interactive map tools

Interactive City maps and Global/National heat maps on 16 separate metrics at global and sub-national level.

  1. Number of incentive deals
  2. Number of companies
  3. Total incentives awarded (USD m)
  4. Total Capital investment (USD m)
  5. Capital investment (USD m) (average per deal)
  6. Incentives as a % of capital investment
  7. Average incentive deal value
  8. Number of new jobs created
  9. New jobs (average per deal)
  10. Incentives awarded per new job
  11. Number of safe-guarded jobs
  12. Safe-guarded jobs (average per deal)
  13. Incentives awarded per job safe-guarded
  14. Number of total jobs (new + safe-guarded)
  15. Total jobs (average per deal)
  16. Avg Incentives per total job (USD)

City Map

incentive city map * Interative city sample (East coast USA)

Heat Map

incentive heatmap * Interative heatmap sample - USA (2010 data)

Incentive deals database

The interactive project database allows you to manage & download your successes with sorting, searching, filtering and excel exporting tools

incentive deals database * Incentive deals database sample - Cash grant

Incentive Maryville Tennessee Deal * Incentive deals detail - Denso Manufacturing 2015

Filtering & Searching tools

Sophisticated data mining tools for quick and easy access and organisation of incentive deals

Excel Download tool

Our export tools make it simple to export incentive deals and data into Excel in seconds

Incentive program database

Examine over 600 global, regional, national and sub-national incentive programs complete with web-links, statistics and cumulative figures on job creation, capital investment amounts and related deal information

incentive program database * Incentive progams sample - USA programs

icentive program Kentucky * Incentive progams sample - Kentucky Incentive program 2015

Search / filter tools

New search filter allowing you to select multiple countries/states/cities/industries and more for inclusive incentive analysis.

incentive database search filter

icentive database search filter

Rankings Tool

Produce detailed analysis of FDI trends. All trends can be exported into Excel, Microsoft word, PowerPoint and PDF

FDI trends ranking * Ranking sample - Deal numbers by industry sector & Activity

Trends & Analysis tool

Trends and Analysis tools for all relevant incentive metrics.

incentive trends * Summary trends & metrics time-series sample

Reports & Excel downloads

Create fully exportable incentive, source/destination market and industry reports in the form of Word documents with rankings, statistics, charts, deal and program information in seconds.

incentive fdi reports * Microsoft Word - Summary Report sample (8 pages of a 54 page report)

Export all your searches and rankings directly to Microsoft Excel in seconds

Incentive Company Reports * Excel download sample

Company contacts

New company contact module with key decision making contacts directly associated with the company's investment projects, downloadable to Excel.

Incentive Company Contacts * Company contact sample

Company profiles

New company investment profiles are available for all companies tracked in the database. This profile includes company website, all related incentive deals, key incentive metrics and company contacts involved in the incentive deals

Incentives Company Contact * Company profile sample - Microsoft 2014

Incentive e-newsletter service

New email news-letter service allows you to receive your incentives news/deals direct to your email inbox, with options to choose the content that best suits your incentives requirements and the frequency you wish to receive it.

Incentive News Alert * Email newswire configuration sample

Increasing global coverage

Our incentives coverage is expanding all the time with the arrival and discovery of new reputable data sources, media feeds and information sharing partnerships with governments and institutions worldwide. Our research team strives to cover the incentives activity from all major developed and emerging economies throughout the world.

Global Incentives